How Much Fluff Do You Have In Your Wardrobe?

Today I’m writing about a genius theory I discovered in a magazine last month. According to designer Michael Kors, we should all be following the 70/30 "meat and potatoes" rule. He is not referring to what’s on your plate, rather what’s in your wardrobe. Now, bear...


It had to happen. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and disorganised. Since I did my image training back in 2009, I have been shopping, shopping, shopping.

I’ve been adding beautiful clothes, (that I love) into my pretty large, but full-to-capacity wardrobe for over 8 years.

You see I had this thing – a voice in my head. It’s my job. I need to have lots of new clothes ALL the time.

But this summer, I reached crisis point.

Something a bit touchy-feely.

Don’t worry - no political content from me today. Suffice to say that I am bewildered by some of the things going on in our country at the moment and I wonder how this period of our evolution might be characterised by future historians. On a history theme - my sons’...

Dear Helen, I hate shopping! Even when I go and buy something lovely it doesn’t go with anything else! Why does this keep happening?

I love playing Agony Aunt. Here’s my answer to this conundrum…. Lots of my clients say they hate shopping. As something of an ‘addict’, I find this hard to imagine, but easy to understand. If you don’t like shopping and you are a busy person, you may tend to fit...

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