How To Wear: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits. Something I NEVER thought I would wear again after wearing them back in the 80’s.

When they first appeared back on the scene, I cowered away. They are not for me, not for my body shape and I am just TOO OLD to wear such a thing!

Footwear to keep your feet dry!

I've got a short and snappy one for you today! September has arrived which means a potential footwear problem. I've had a lot of requests for ideas on what to wear on your feet to keep you warm and dry, without feeling frumpy. Here are three great ideas. Each of these...

How To Wear Gingham

Fashion’s a funny thing, isn’t it? When a particular style is out of favour you can’t imagine yourself wearing it, except during some torturous fancy dress experience. You say things like: “Oh no, I wouldn’t be seen DEAD in platform shoes!” and “Remember those...

Turn The Spotlight On Your Outfit

Have you ever seen The Voice on TV? I haven’t watched it for a while. Even though I enjoyed the first couple of series, I had to stop tuning in. While I loved to observe amateur singers taking their place on the stage and refining their skill into something...

How to Look Good for Less!

I know I have a reputation. I don’t mean in the Scarlet O’Hara sense, but, I know I have a reputation for loving shopping and spending too much money on clothes. In many ways, I play up to this reputation. That’s partly because I’m very comfortable with it. After all,...

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