Behind the Scenes at a Transformation Day

The first step that most clients take when we work together on their personal style is a Transformation Day. I know, from talking to these clients, that it can sometimes be a bit intimidating to come along, without having a really clear idea of what’s going to happen....

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10 of the best party dresses with sleeves

I decided to write my party frock post a bit earlier this year. Apologies if you haven’t yet got your head around the big ‘C’, but if you have seasonal parties in the diary and you know you’ll be needing a frock, this blog will help you to get organised without any...

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How Much Fluff Do You Have In Your Wardrobe?

Today I’m writing about a genius theory I discovered in a magazine last month. According to designer Michael Kors, we should all be following the 70/30 "meat and potatoes" rule. He is not referring to what’s on your plate, rather what’s in your wardrobe. Now, bear...

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Buying Guide – Boots

One of my most favourite things about this time of year is the footwear. In particular, I love a pair of boots!

Boots are so versatile. Whether heeled, flat, pointy, round toed, long, short, suede or leather, there is something for everyone and they are a great outfit finisher.

Here are my top boots pick for the season.

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It had to happen. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and disorganised. Since I did my image training back in 2009, I have been shopping, shopping, shopping.

I’ve been adding beautiful clothes, (that I love) into my pretty large, but full-to-capacity wardrobe for over 8 years.

You see I had this thing – a voice in my head. It’s my job. I need to have lots of new clothes ALL the time.

But this summer, I reached crisis point.

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How To Wear: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits. Something I NEVER thought I would wear again after wearing them back in the 80’s.

When they first appeared back on the scene, I cowered away. They are not for me, not for my body shape and I am just TOO OLD to wear such a thing!

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Footwear to keep your feet dry!

I've got a short and snappy one for you today! September has arrived which means a potential footwear problem. I've had a lot of requests for ideas on what to wear on your feet to keep you warm and dry, without feeling frumpy. Here are three great ideas. Each of these...

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Behind The Scenes Transformation

Today’s blog post is a little bit different from the usual format. Because, today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my very special clients. This, ladies, is Jo Pink. Jo is one of the wonderful women I’ve been lucky enough to work with. I first met this fab person...

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Buying Guide – Swimwear Solutions

To say that stripping down to the equivalent of your underwear to be appropriately dressed on holiday is stressful, is an understatement. Do not worry, help is at hand. I've put together this useful swimwear buying guide to help you. You'll love this if you are...

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5 Signs That Your Style Isn’t Right For you

Authenticity. There’s a word that’s bandied around a heck of a lot these days. Sorry for the snoozefest, but, today I’m going to talk about it too. Because, in my personal philosophy, there are three simple steps to genuine happiness and confidence,...

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How To Wear Casual Summer Clothes

We all love summer; so many of the tasks we have to undertake are easier and more straightforward. Getting kids ready for school (fewer coats, gloves, scarves, etc), feeding your tribe (more salady and less casseroley), popping out in the car (no darned defrosting)....

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How To Look Your Best On Film

Why you need to know how to dress for video I recently took the plunge and recorded my first Facebook Live videos. Boy is that terrifying?! There is so much to consider: eliminating background noise, remembering what you want to say, getting the technology working,...

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How To Wear Gingham

Fashion’s a funny thing, isn’t it? When a particular style is out of favour you can’t imagine yourself wearing it, except during some torturous fancy dress experience. You say things like: “Oh no, I wouldn’t be seen DEAD in platform shoes!” and “Remember those...

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What to wear if you want to look slimmer

Cars. Houses. Cupcakes. In all these things, and many others, we’ve got used to thinking: the bigger the better. But, there’s one area that I’m particularly fed up with seeing things bigger than they should be. Before you start thinking: “ooh, what a bitch!” No, it’s...

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How To Create An ‘Authentic Wardrobe’

I’m giving up on the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe ‘Capsule wardrobe’. It’s the most delightful phrase. Somehow or other these two little words have become filled with the promise of Paris in the springtime. Breton tops paired with clam-diggers, perfect weather, empty...

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How To Wear Wide-Leg, Cropped Trousers

You know when you go to bed at night and there are no mushrooms on the lawn, then the next morning, there’s about 25? That. But, substitute mushrooms for wide-leg, cropped trousers. They are EVERYWHERE! And, it’s not just the high-end, or high-fashion retailers who...

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Buying Guide – Smart/Casual for Work

How to get it right every time! Time for a Buying Guide! This week, I’m covering ‘smart/casual’, and the pieces you need to get it right. Smart/casual is always a tough look to pull off but at this time of year, when the weather is so changeable and unreliable, it’s...

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Just Be Yourself

When I was young, like most children, I had the occasional confidence wobble. My parents were very patient and kind about these wobbles. They’d use a particular phrase to reassure me that I reckon most 1970s parents trotted out with intense regularity. “Just be...

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