Grey boots

The glamourous AND comfortable way to update your autumn look

I have to admit that I’m not as much of a shoe person as I would like to be. Ideally I’d be super-excited about the new Louboutins each season or drooling over the Kurt Geiger windows, like all the other clothes-crazy people I know.

The reason: I have TERRIBLE feet. As the owner of some quite serious bunions I regularly promise myself that I’ll have the operation ‘next year’. Every year I fail to get around to it – not driving for six weeks, how would I fit that in!?

Besides this medical challenge, my feet seem to be the wrong shape for most slip-on shoes. I just can’t keep them on! These two factors combine to make me a HUGE fan of boots. Boots fit me. I can walk in boots. Boots keep my always-cold feet warm and (best of all) boots hide my bunions! Love. Love. Love.

So, having combed the shops, I thought I’d share my three best picks of the season with you. I haven’t decided which I’m going to invest in yet but I hope these ideas will inspire you to treat yourself to a new pair.

Zara / Next

I spotted this stunning pair on a personal shopping day, but, in my excitement, I didn’t photograph the label so I’m not 100% sure where I found them. Judging by how the display looks, I’m pretty sure they were in Zara but, annoyingly, they don’t have everything that’s available in-store listed on their website. I can’t tell you hand on heart exactly where to get them. HOWEVER there is a very similar pair in Next (but the sparkle goes right down to the heel which could be a bit OTT?)

These would bring some pizazz to an all-black ensemble or add a bit of special-ness to cropped denim.

Jo Jo Boutique

Suede boots are a weakness of mine. Many women try to steer clear of suede because of the rain issue, but, if you are diligent about using a protective spray and giving them a little brush every now and again they are perfectly durable. Suede won’t last as long as leather but if you suit a natural (casual) style there’s nothing wrong with you wearing boots that are slightly worn.

I adore this pair by Hogl, an Austrian shoe brand. They are available at Jo Jo Boutique in Sussex or online. Wine is a key colour this autumn/winter and it particularly suits those with summer or winter colouring. (Drat it. Not me! But, I can admire them from afar).



Finally, a long leather number from Boden who have REALLY upped their style game recently.


These boots are really well made and they also come in black or, miracle of miracles: navy! A simple, classic boot that would last you for YEARS and be oh-so-stylish and comfy. I recommend wearing these with a pared-back dress, or an a-line denim skirt. This type of boot is very useful for dashing in and out in the car or walking the kids to school. Yummy.

There, my top three for the season. Go forth and buy boots! And, if you see me on crutches ‘next year’ you’ll know that I’m going to be lining up for a pair of Louboutins come spring!


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